Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


An integrative style of NLP coaching to overcome limitations and obstructions

Do you have behaviours or bad habits that are currently holding you back from having life you want?

Are experiences in your past restricting who you could become?

NLP techniquesIf you have the will and desire to change, then you will!  It is you that has the power to create this transformation drawing upon what is already within you and resources that you have access to.

NLP creates remarkable results by using ‘how’ your brain constructs throughts to faciliate deep change. I guide you through this change using a combination of advanced, proven Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, conversational coaching, CBT,  and hypnotherapy to work collectively with your conscious and influential unconscious mind. This creates long lasting, profound changes that will enable you to break free from your perceived limitations and transform your future.

The issues that these coaching techniques can help with are endless so please contact us to talk further about how we can help, or read about some of the most common areas we help with.


Specialist areas

We couldn’t possibly describe the experiences of our past clients, as it’s their story to tell and they say it so much better than we can. Feel free to read what they have to say…

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