Before I had this therapy, I was suicidal. I had tried medication and years and years of all types of therapy, including CBT, the person centred approach, lots and lots of therapists….after my first session with Tam I came home and forgot about it, but something really odd happened. There were no more negative voices at all. There still aren’t, which I still find amazing. Instead, my mind was filled with positive thoughts.The impact has been quite amazing, and even people who don’t know me very well have noticed it. After the second session where we worked on flashbacks [from childhood sexual abuse] I was again, really stunned. I still remembered what happened, but it was void of any emotion. It was amazing. I still had flashbacks, but felt no emotion when they occurred, could carry on as normal, and they had no impact on me at all. My life has totally changed. For anyone who is considering this, please just do it. It is life changing. I have gone round telling everyone it’s the closest thing to actual magic I have ever experienced.

Name withheld to protect confidentiality

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