Stress & Overwhelm


Do you need help with stress?

Do you feel like you are on a downwards spiral or juggling too many balls with no apparent way out?the stress spiral

Are you under immense stress at work or working in difficult circumstances?

Are your pressures affecting your relationships, or conflicts with others causing stress?

You are not alone. A staggering six out of ten of people* (62%) in Great Britain have had at least one time in their life where they have found it difficult to cope mentally, with stress as the highest cause. It affects most of us at some point in our lives and on some level we can all relate and may need help with stress to get out of the downwards spiral.

Causes of Stress

Some of the most known stressful events are:

Moving house

Getting married

Having a baby


Serious illness in yourself or a friend or family member.


Stress is also caused by long-term difficult circumstances, such as:

Unemployment, redundancy and financial pressures

Work related stress

Social exclusion

Relationship problems and conflict

Caring for a disabled family member or friend

Housing difficulties

Not having enough work, activities or change in your life can be just as stressful as have too much activity and change to deal with.

For  free comprehensive guides to ‘what is stress’, the ‘signs of stress’ and ‘how to deal with stress’ go to:



How do I know if I need help?

Where a person is showing signs of stress and is unable to continue functioning effectively at work or home, or it is affecting close relationships, it is time for professional help. Stress is well known to be detrimental to your health, will lead to physical and mental illnesses, as well as affecting your emotional health, mood and behaviours.

Stress effects on performance graph

Regain control, regain your health

If you belong to the two thirds of people that experience stress and want help to manage it for the future, or are finding you are currently unable to function effectively, get in touch for professional help.

We’ll work with you to take control of the factors that are causing you stress, explore your choices of how you respond to them and help you identify fresh options that are better for you.

We understand that it is often hard to ‘see the wood from the trees’ when you are experiencing stress, we will support and guide you to sort through the ‘overwhelm’, and gain clarity for you to focus upon your immediate priorities and future actions.

We will show you how to change your state to one of calmness and clarity and how to notice the stress signs in your body.

You will be provided with the support and strategies to manage it successfully now and prevent it in the future.

…. and relax!

Re-learning how to relax and enabling yourself the time to do it is vital to your recovery and preventative against further risks associated with stress. With our nursing expertise we ensure that your physical, emotional and mental health is cared for enabling you to relax and regain control in a calm, safe environment.

Your health matters, take control now and seek help. Contact us for a free consultation or informal chat.

Want to know more about the signs or what you can do to start helping yourself? Go here for our free advice and further information.




Tam is provocative, astute and gentle in her approach. She listens carefully and asks skillful questions to help you to untangle your thoughts. I always leave a session with new insights, strengthened resources and trust in myself to make the changes that I want to make. She rocks!

Gemma, Healthcare Professional

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