Stop Smoking


Imagine the rewards of a wealthier, healthier you and a happier lifestyle with those you care about.

Become free from cigarettes

If you are determined to stop smoking for good, we can help you achieve a smoke-free life.

Perhaps you have decided that this is the moment, right now? You are 100% committed to quitting and you recognise that professional support will help you be successful?

You may have tried unsuccessfully before. Maybe you have tried using nicotine replacement therapy without addressing the habitual behaviours you had from the habit and the reason for your smoking. Perhaps you sought help from a practitioner that made big claims, yet whom was limited in their approach and skills which led to ineffective results?

It’s time for a different approach

As a nurse with over 18 years experience, I have the necessary medical knowledge, NLP and hypnotherapy expertise alongside being skilled in a wide variety of techniques that work.

stop smoking-NLP

Your programme is tailored according to your unique preferences to create an individualised package that produces successful results easily and rapidly. I’ll ensure that all factors that contribute to your smoking are explored, managed and modified as necessary before drawing upon a variety of effective NLP techniques and hypnosis so that you quit for good.

Are you 100% determined to stop smoking now?


Tam was phenomenal in helping me not only to set realistic yet challenging goals but also in helping me to realise ultimately what those goals should be in my life and what my true priorities are.I felt I was discovering things myself, and finding truths that would allow me to see myself and my pathway … continue reading

Erin, International Entertainer

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