Commonly asked questions

I signed up but I haven't recieved an email yet

Please be patient, it can take up to 10-30 minutes for the email to make its way to you, depending upon your email provider.  If you have successfully subscribed, you should be able to access your account at in the meantime with the username and password you chose at signup.

If login is successful, you can check you have provided the correct email address within the ‘my account’ section.  If you have entered an incorrect email address, please do let us know by emailing us at Unfortunately our systems will currently use you old email unless you re-register with the correct email or we edit it our end. We will be updating our systems soon make this more streamlined, but for now, please bear with us! If you are unable to login, see login issues below.

How to access the course

In order to access the course and videos you need to be logged in. The link in your emails will take you directly to the videos if you have recently logged in and you have your browser enabled to remember login details.  If you are not currently logged in, you should be taken to the login page at  – and then you can re-click on the link in your email for access to the specific module if this is easier.

Login issues

As a reminder, you set up an account when you first subscribed for the course and chose your own user name and password as part of this set up. You were sent an initial email with your login details and username. Naturally, the email address we are sending you emails to is the email address you signed up with! If you cannot remember your password or are having difficulty logging in with your details use the forgot password link at the bottom of the login page to reset it.

Please also clear your browser cache before trying again (Google provides plenty of advice on how to do this, depending upon the browser you are using) and if still problematic, try another browser or accessing from another device. 

I can't see/access some of the course

The course is issued in installments to enable ‘bite-sized’ experiences and learning and to keep the momentum going for you, based upon feedback from subscribers like you.  Every few days you will receive an email letting you know the next part is released for you, so if you can’t see the whole course yet, rest assured, you will be getting your hands on it soon. Keep an eye out for your emails with your next units ready and waiting for you. 

Occasionally, due to time differences across the world, you may recieve the email slighty ahead of the the next module being released. We’ve tried to mitigate against this, but if you’ve received the next email in the series and you’re unable to access it yet, try the following:

1. Clear your browser cache and log back in

2. Check in another browser

2. Wait 24hrs to allow for any time-zone delay to see if you can then access it

Still having issues?

If you have tried all of this and are still experiencing difficulties, I’m sorry and want to help you get back up and running. Occasionally, there are temporary site glitches our end which usually self rectify or if prolonged, I am usually aware of them and am working behind the scenes to get them up and running (but feel free to drop us a line and we’ll confirm we’re onto it!). 
In my experience most issues stem from browser and extensions on the side of the user which regrettably I cannot advise you upon individually (I’m a geek but not quite that tech savvy)! So please try another browser of device, most people find this is a solution. 
If you still need help, email us at or use the form below, describing the issue in as much detail as possible including what page you are experiencing the issue on, what link you are clicking on and specifically what is happening so I or one of my team can investigate for you further. Please be patient with us, we’ll get back to you as soon as we are able. 



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    Please describe in detail what issues you are experiencing including at what stage (pre login, login or post login), what page of links the issue is with, what is happening and what you have tried to rectify it so far. The more information we have, he better we can help!

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