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Feel free to give us a call for a chat to discuss how we can help, or for a free phone consultation. If we are unable to take your call we will ring you back within the next 48 hours whenever possible, if you leave your contact details and a good time for us to get back to you. On busy practice days there can be a bit of a delay, but if you need Tam urgently, please email Sarah as she will her very best to help you and get in touch with Tam. Alternatively please use the ‘contact’ form below for inquiries or to make a booking and we’ll be back in touch.



Charterhouse Clinic, 98 Crawford St, London W1H 2HL.


General availability 9am to 6pm.

Earliest appointment starts: 8am.

Last appointment ends at the latest: 7pm.

Monday to Friday

Appointments outside these hours may be available by prior arrangement in exceptional circumstances. Additional charges may be applicable.

Marylebone Practice

The practice

We understand that you are busy and that flexibility is important to you which is why we always try to accommodate for your needs. My main day to day practice is in the calm central oasis in Marylebone. There is also the potential to meet at various other locations across London including Central London, the city and West London with prior arrangement.



Let’s connect!

You’ll get taken straight to our contact form. If you’re ready to book an appointment use the form to get through to Rachel who will take case of you and get you all set up. If I have any questions for you I may still want to have a chat to you beforehand, but we can easily arrange that when the ball is rolling. If you just make an enquiry, you will come through to me directly and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to connecting with you.


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