WEEK 12 – Breathing for anxiety

Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips This weeks tip seems so simplistic for some people that its often skipped through or disregarded. Yet, it is vital in reducing anxiety, panic, stress and tension symptoms and for 'resetting' the mind and body. When stress,...

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WEEK 11 – Find a container for anxiety

    Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips Part of stopping the cycle of anxiety being constantly  present is to find a way to contain it. Read on to discover how.     There are some circumstances in life that are naturally going to cause concern and of...

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WEEK 10 – A model for handling anxiety

    Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips Taking back control in anxiety is a vital part of championing it. I'll be elaborating more on the 'how' to do this as we progress through the series, but today we'll explore a useful way to progress from being at...

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WEEK 9 – An important distinction to make in anxiety

Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips So something a little bit different today to help explain a short, succinct and applicable tip. Watch the video to learn more. Watch to find out more TIME TO WATCH: 1 MINUTE With anxiety there's an important distinction to make...

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WEEK 8 – Directing your mind in Anxiety

Today we are looking at how we can use the natural process of anxiety in the right way. There is plenty more we can do using how anxiety works to help, so stay tuned for more tips, but for now, let’s get you into it! Anxiety is…

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WEEK 6- Avoidance in anxiety

Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips So last week summed out the foundational tips for anxiety. With all of those taken care of, we now have free reign to delve into working with anxiety more. Let's go! What was that? "Yes, but...."... I hear you cry? I know. Really, I...

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WEEK 5: Benefits of exercise for anxiety

Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips Remaining on the basic building blocks for a healthy brain and nervous system, today we're looking at another essential, but often overlooked area. Exercise.   Get active! Yes, I know, it may be the last thing you want to do and...

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WEEK 4 – Effect of diet on anxiety

    Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips - FOUNDATIONAL BUILDING BLOCKS SERIES We're continuing the foundational building blocks behind supporting an overworked nervous system from anxiety or stress as well as using these as an ongoing preventative framework....

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WEEK 3 – Anxiety and alchohol

We’re moving on from sleep but still focusing on the foundational blocks that are vital to support optimum brain health to assist anxiety and stress. The condition of your brain really is dependent upon the health of your body and alcohol plays a huge part in disrupting the balance and health of the brain. Tempting as though alcohol may be as a go-to with anxiety, it confounds the problem

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WEEK 1: Anxiety tips – Sleep

    Tam Johnston Wednesday Worry tips Welcome to Wednesday worry tips and thanks for stopping by! Every week I'll be sharing tips and nuggets to help with worry and anxiety - from the absolute basic foundations needed for our nervous system and brain to...

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