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Equal Access for everyone

pro bono coachingIt’s my personal mission to help as many people as possible. Not everyone currently is in the right circumstances to be able to genuinely afford the fees of private coaching or therapy.

“My experience from my medical and coaching background tells me that people who are struggling financially are often the most in need, and it is their circumstances that have led them to the situation they find themselves. They are often the most determined are create some of the most impactful and inspiring changes in their lives. They deserve equal access to help and should never be excluded because of their current circumstances”. ~Tam Johnston

The ‘pay what you can afford ‘ model

Every month there are a specific number sessions put by for ‘pay what you can afford’ slots. They are reserved for people who contact Tam specifically needing help or wanting to make changes on their lives, but are currently restricted from doing so by their financial circumstances.

The model is based upon mutual integrity and trust and anyone who seeks out these sessions will pay what they genuinely can afford. Examples of circumstances: Ex-military servicemen and emergency services personnel – with PTSD or associated mental health conditions, people who have experienced ill health or difficult circumstances leading to being unemployed or extremely low income – needing help with stress, emotional trauma, grief, ill health, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, confidence, extreme phobias that are impacting everyday life.

*Please note, due to the amount of enquiries and demand for this service from people who have no other means to obtain help, these slots are usually not offered to students, as there is other support available through student services, although Tam is happy to discuss this on a one to one basis.

This list is far from exclusive and is intended to give you an idea of circumstances that may fit this model. You own individual needs and situation will always be discussed in a fair, non biased manner with the optimum of discretion. In order to be able to provide this service to as many people as possible, these sessions have a base rate of £25 per hour in order to cover basic costs and expenses. You then pay any additional amount relative to what you can afford and the value of the sessions.

Tam is 100% committed to you. All that is asked from you is that you truly want to change, you commit to the process wholeheartedly and abide by Fresh Insight Coaching’s usual terms and conditions. Tam reserves the right to discontinue this agreement at any time if your demonstrated commitment is less than required. This will be considered with fairness of others’ needs and with demands upon this service in mind.

 The future

It is Tam’s aim to expand this model in order to offer more and more of these appointments as well as 100% pro bono sessions in the future. As soon as Fresh Insight Coaching has the means to expand this model further, it will occur. That’s a promise! Want to know more?

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