Phobia Treatment 

Do you have a phobia that you have spent a long time unsuccessfully trying to talk yourself out of and control?

If you relate to this, you are not alone. Phobias are extremely common and can be anything from frustrating in particular circumstances to all-consuming and life dominating. We understand how they can limit what you are able to do and achieve and leave you feeling out of your control. Fortunately it is possible to receive phobia treatment that helps you rid yourself of your fear extremely safely, calmly and rapidly and that is an area of specialism for us, meaning we frequently eradicate phobias in as little as two hours, depending upon their complexity.

It was the care that was put into understanding the issue – and tailored approach, that helped achieve such an amazing result – I would never have thought it possible to overcome a lifelong phobia in such a short time!”

H.L London, Spider phobia after a one-off 2 hour session.

What are phobias?

Phobias are an intense fear of something, someone or particular situations, disproportionate to the actual threat involved. A ‘trigger’ fires off the natural ‘fight or flight’ response in our bodies leading to unpleasant physical symptoms and an emotional phobic response. We often end up avoiding the cause or trigger, which in turn intensifies the fear. There is a general consensus amongst experts that we are only born with two fears, falling and loud noises. Any other fears that we develop throughout our lives are learnt behaviours, either directly through our own experience or associated from someone/something else. This learnt behaviour rapidly becomes a unconscious response, which is why trying to rationalise it consciously has limited positive effect. These phobias are often created in an instance, yet without help can stay with us for a lifetime.

How we’ll treat your phobia


If you are looking for someone to help you to focus on what you want, to ensure that you don’t … continue

Paul, London

Expertise and safety

Tam has a great deal of experience in treating phobias successfully. She is passionate about ensuring you feel safe at all times, and works with you gently but effectively.

Rapid results

We totally get that at first, it can be hard to believe that you can treat your phobia quickly and for most part easily. It seems so powerful and has been with you for so long, sometimes for most of your life. Yet we also know that for a large mount of phobias it has come about from a ‘one-time’ learning. Your brain learns in an instant to respond in a phobic manner, and given that it learns that quickly, it can relearn a better response, just as quickly. This, combined with the effectiveness of the techniques Tam uses, means that we can generally help you remove your phobia extremely quickly.

Individual Care

Tam fundamentally believes that one size does not fit all. You are as unique and individual as the next person, as is your phobia, it’s causes and the way you respond to it. We guarantee that you will get a tailored approach especially for you, so we help you based upon what’s best and the most effective for you personally.





Flying Phobia HelpFor a simple, specific phobia, I use safe techniques that will free you from your phobia in one session. Unlike other forms of therapy that can make you re-experience the feelings or trauma of that phobia, you can be assured that the advanced processes we use together protect you from any unpleasant feelings. I DO NOT use exposure treatment or get you to re-live past traumas. You will be safe and comfortable throughout and gently guided through any techniques we use. It is what makes my approach unique, rapid and permanent, Read one of our previous clients, Helen’s experience here to learn more about how quick and life changing it can be.

For more complex phobias we will work together in a safe, controlled environment to discover the root cause(s) and trigger(s) of your phobia and use integrated approaches from NLP, Hypnotherapy, Havening techniques ® and CBT to free you from the cause(s), design more helpful behaviours and strategies for you to overcome fears, easily and effectively.

Some fearful responses are proportionate and rationale in order to keep you safe, for example a fear of poisonous snakes is an appropriate response to the threat. You can rest assured that we never fully remove fears that maintain your safety; we will work with you to reduce the intensity of the phobic reaction so that you are in a functional state should you be in the situation of your phobia. Your safety is always prime concern and work ethically with you to ensure your response is appropriate to the level of threat.

Treatment of severe generalised claustrophobia after one 2 hour session: I’m doing good! I took the lift today and it was ok, planning to make a habit of it 🙂 I went on the tube today in my lunch break just to keep the momentum. My husband is so pleased he’s almost as proud of me as I am 🙂 I really appreciate your help, thank you again.

Name withheld to protect confidentiality

Treatment of a spider phobia after one 2 hour session: Feedback after session: I’m encountered by a spider and a frog this evening! Happy to say that I didn’t freak like a girl or panic and start sweating!!

Charlie, London

Some common phobias that we deal with


Dental phobias

Fear of Flying (aviophobia)


Public Speaking phobia/Presentations

Claustrophobia (confined spaces)

Agoraphobia (large, open spaces and fear of crowds)

Social Phobia and social anxiety

Fear of Heights

Fear of fainting and weakness (asthenophobia)

Balloon phobia

Fear of Clowns

Button phobia

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Rodents

Fear of Cats/Dogs

Fear of people

Blood phobia

Needle phobia

Toilet phobia

Phobia of feet

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