Our Expertise

FOUNDER: TAM JOHNSTON. BSc Nursing, Dip (Hyp), NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, Cert in Coaching Tam has trained with the leaders in her field and is a fully qualified Life Coach and NLP therapist, Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Hypnotherapist. She is fully insured and accredited with professional bodies and abides by their code […]

Tam Johnston Nlp Master Practitioner
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How to get out of….FEELING STUCK and find freedom and fulfilment

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What others say

“Sometimes you get buried into so much detail that you lose sight of the bigger picture and lose sight of who you are. Tam has helped me greatly to realise the potential I have and that it’s completely in my control, as long I choose to focus on those opportunities. Tam is very good at listening, seeing and guiding me through to a more positive and abundant mentality. My previous feelings of overwhelm have lessened considerably and now I am in the zone feeling excited about the future. This has resulted in positive outcomes for my business and home life. Thank you for all your help”.


London NLP Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

We provide life coaching and hypnotherapy in the London area to help you create the life changes you want and overcome the obstacles and limitations that are in the way of  fulfilling your true potential.

Fast, long-term and highly effective changes

Using a unique integrated blend of Personal Coaching, advanced NLP techniques and Hypnotherapy, we guide and empower you with the knowledge and tools to make simple, rapid and powerful changes,  meaning you can break free and become all that you’ve wanted to be.

Our mission is simple…. to expertly help, guide and support you to make those changes, understand and become who you really are, and achieve everything you are capable of …….and so much more!

Our Coaching and therapy will help you:

Overcome the obstacles holding you back, and free yourself from past limitations and emotional issues

Take control of yourself and your life

Alleviate stress, anxieties and low mood

Eradicate unwanted habits and fears

Know where you are heading and find your purpose in life

Rapidly reach  goals, you previously only dreamed of

Gain a healthy and happy life balance

Get to know yourself better, gaining inner strength, insight and clarity

Believe in yourself and your worth, finding new confidence and energy

Be the best you can be and live a happy and successful life


  • time-management-skills-clock Enhance your time management skills - Time management skills make the difference between chaos and productiveness. I often have people say to me that I must be so organised to run my own business. I have a  little chuckle to myself, thinking, if only they knew! Their statement is true in its concept; you do need to organise your time well in […]
  • ignite-your-spark-flyer_01 Create change; Ignite that spark - Procrastination or feeling overwhelmed by certain areas of your life to the point they dominate everything else is far more common than expected. In an unstable economy  with conflicting priorities and fear of the repercussions of making a change, many people feel stuck where they are, yet are seeking so much more. I hear about […]
  • Phobia Treatment 8 facts about phobias -  1. Phobias are the most common type of anxiety disorder. In the UK, an estimated 10 million people have phobias and that is probably under estimated as some people don’t like to admit they have them. 2. They are not rationale.  Phobias are a response led by the unconscious mind. It is the conscious mind […]

The Coaching Experience

Coaching Experience

  “It is my belief that everyone has the birthright and ability to lead a free, happy, fulfilled and successful life. It is my purpose and privilege to guide you towards understandings that make the unimaginable an achievable vision and the vision a natural reality” Tam, Founder Fresh Insight Coaching What to expect from Tam […]

Why Us

Tam Johnston NLP Coach

“My sessions with Tam always left me feeling inspired and confident that I could achieve whatever I wanted in my life”. Erin, International Entertainer We understand that selecting a coach is an important, personal choice.  Experience tells us that you will want someone who you feel comfortable and safe with, who shows you the understanding, […]

NLP therapist, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Time based techniques from an expert NLP Master Practitioner in central London.  Practical, rapid solutions with coaching to help you transform your life for good.